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OFDA 2000 Pamphlet

Sample Preparation Guide

OFDA Measurement of Wool Fibre Crimp

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OFDA 2000 - Benchtop

OFDA2000 is the recommended instrument for rapid diameter and curvature measurement when medullation measurement is not required.


OFDA2000 features:

measures diameter and curvature of most fibre types including wool, cashmere, alpaca, glass, wire and synthetic diameter range 4-300um measures up to 20,000 fibres/minute typical sample preparation time is 1 minute typical measurement time is 30 seconds, concurrent with sample preparation recognised by international standard test method IWTO47 compatible with OFDA100 but at twice the speed the OFDA2000 benchtop dimensions 490(l) *390(w) *290(h) mm weight 8 kg power requirement 24VDC at 2 amp supplied with an IBM compatible PC running Windows XP standard software includes the Meswin program for sorting, printing and converting measurements to spreadsheet format.

If medullation measurement is required then OFDA100 must be used.

The OFDA2000 benchtop measures fibre snippets on 70mm square glass slides in the same mode as the OFDA100 but at twice the speed.

OFDA2000 benchtop can also measure longer fibres on a large glass slide or on a fibreglass slide. This allows measurement of diameter of longer fibres that are difficult to cut into snippets. It also allows measurement of the along fibre diameter profile which is important for animal fibres such as wool, alpaca and mohair.



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