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Sample Preparation Guide

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Minicore Fibre Sampling Machine

The Goodwin Minicore is used to make fibre snippets from greasy wool samples. Pneumatically driven, the Goodwin Minicore fully compresses the sample before driving 9 coring needles through it.

On return, the cored fibre snippets are ejected into the sample collection thimble. The Minicore needs no levers or buttons to operate it: sampling is started when the thimble is slid into place, and will not operate with the perspex cover open.





Capacity 1 gram to 60 grams (greasy wool)
Power requirements Compressed air at 6 bars
Air usage 18 litres at 6 bars, per complete operation
Operating time 7 seconds for one complete operation
Length 1200 mm
Width 200 mm
Height 250 mm
Weight 40 kilos

Operating Instructions

  1. Connect to air line 6 bars (~100 psi).
  2. Remove large sample chamber from cradle.
  3. If sample of fibre is over 10 grams (see below), place sample inside chamber and return chamber to the cradle.
  4. Close perspex cover (machine will not operate with cover open).
  5. Place thimble in slider, push slider in and release.
  6. When machine has returned to original position, pull out slider and retrieve thimble with sample of cored fibre inside.
Small sample,less than 10 grams:
Use white plastic cylinder by extending unit. Place sample in centre of chamber, return white plastic unit to the large stainless steel sample chamber and then proceed as for Step 3 in previous instructions.


  1. If insufficient fibre is obtained in one coreing, just move sample chamber handle a few degrees through orifice in lid and push slide again.
  2. The pneumatic timer at the back of the mini-core should be set on "D" but may be move to suit your own needs.
  3. All pneumatic components in this machine do not need lubrication as long as the compressed air supplied is free of moisture.




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