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Product Overview

BSC Electronics is a world leader with a unique range of fibre measurement instruments, based on the latest digital video technology. OFDA stands for “Optical-based Fibre Diameter Analyser”. Over 250 instruments are in use in more than 30 countries.

OFDA technology is unsurpassed in many applications, for example:

  • When the price of cashmere can double with a diameter difference of 1um, from Mongolia to Italy OFDA is the number 1 instrument of choice
  • Precise measurement of fibre curvature (crimp) is critical in applications such as filter mesh, OFDA is the only suitable rapid, high accuracy instrument and is used by a leading Swiss filter manufacturer
  • Classing sheep in the Australian outback demands optical systems that work in extreme temperature, vibration and dust levels. OFDA2000 is portable and meets the high accuracy required. OFDA2000 was used to class wool into the finest bale ever produced
  • The resolution and speed of OFDA make it the only choice for measuring ultrafine glass fibres for the highest quality circuit boards used in the next generation of electronic devices

The product range includes:

OFDA100, OFDA2000: For measurement of diameter, medullation, curvature (crimp) in the laboratory on fibres types including wool, cashmere, mohair, glass, synthetic fibres in web form. Diameter range 4-300um. more about this...

OFDA4000: the first instrument to directly measure diameter, length and hauteur of fibres in aligned (sliver, top) form. Suitable for wool, animal and most synthetic fibres. more about this...

OFDA5000: the first optical based instrument to measure diameter below 1um. For measuring ultrafine (0.5-60um) microfibres, glass and ceramic fibres. In some applications is a much faster, more repeatable and much lower cost replacement for electron microscope. more about this...

OFDA MFX: For online measurement of diameter, slub and neck of monofilaments and wires. Measures up to 500 monofilaments in one plane at up to 15000 measurements per second more about this...

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